Our philosophy at
The Rumours are True
is to deliver the highest level of professionalism while maintaining a friendly and trusting culture with our clients.​​​
Who makes the Rumours?
  1. Colour Correction
    Colour Correction
    By Loz
  2. Colour and Restyle
    Colour and Restyle
    By Ingrid
  3. Balayage and Cut
    Balayage and Cut
    By Adele
  4. Hair Up and Makeup
    Hair Up and Makeup
    By Ingrid
  5. Adele - Hairdresser
    Adele - Hairdresser
    Adele impressed us from the moment we met her. She is so energetic and excited about every aspect of hair. Her focus is strong and her attention to detail is second to none. Like a true artist she works quietly when creating her masterpieces and with results like the ones she achieves you'll be mesmerized by the process. She has a flair for cutting and enjoys changing someone's day with new hair!
  6. Marnie - Hairdresser
    Marnie - Hairdresser
    Marnie has been with us from the very start of her hairdressing career. She knew she wanted to be a hairdresser since she was a baby and that shows in her passion and dedication to our amazing industry. She is a PERFECTIONIST! Down to the very last hair. Being the Matrix expert in the salon she has an amazing eye for colour and loves to style! If you need an extra bit of pampering make sure you book in for a deluxe treatment with her, her head massages are to die for!
  7. Ingrid - Senior Hairdresser
    Ingrid - Senior Hairdresser
    Ingrid is a multi-skilled stylist within our salon. She is not only a fantastic hairdresser but an exceptional makeup artist. She is the hair scientist of our salon knowing all the technical ins and outs of hair biology making her an expert in the health of your hair. She lives for creating new looks, especially when it comes to hair length, restyling really makes her day!
  8. Loz - Ringleader
    Loz - Ringleader
    Lauren is the owner/leader of The Rumours are True. She lives, breathes and LOVES all things hair. She is passionate about her vison of a salon where hair and the relationships in the salon are most important. She loves styling and free hand cutting. She'll also have you laughing the whole way through your salon appointment.
  9. Balayage and Cut
    Balayage and Cut
    By Adele
  10. Balayage and ReStyle
    Balayage and ReStyle
    By Marnie
  11. Colour and Style
    Colour and Style
    By Marnie
  12. Balayage and Cut
    Balayage and Cut
    By Loz
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